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About Us

We offer the highest quality, most durable, comfortable graduated compression sock on the market — backed by the longest warranty in its category.

The SMOOTHTOE® brand was created in 2003, based on an idea that came from the former head of vascular medicine at Mayo Clinic. It was suggested that a compression sock was needed which was easier to put on, had a seamless toe, and had an athletic look and feel so that people would want to wear it. As a result, our company developed SMOOTHTOE® — using all of those qualities. Soon after that, we became one of the socks of choice at major medical facilities like Mayo Clinic and VA’s across the country. Our socks quickly became doctor-preferred because doctors found that when they dispensed SMOOTHTOE® to their patients, and had them put the socks on in the clinic, the patients came back to follow-up appointments wearing their SMOOTHTOE® socks –which translates to a higher patient compliance!

Over the years, our socks have become popular also as an “everyday” necessity. Once customers try them on, they don’t want to take them off. And they quickly decide to wear them everyday – to work, to play, even to sit –just to make their feet and legs feel better. We are finding that all walks of life are now wearing SMOOTHTOE ®, not just people who wear them as medically necessary. Everyone from doctors, nurses, construction workers, people working retail on their feet all day, athletes … the list goes on. Why are they wearing them, you ask? Because SMOOTHTOE® simply makes their feet feel better.

Athletes are always looking for a way to improve, increase, endure, and recover. In answer to a need for a high quality athletic compression sock that could help athletes achieve more, we created VO2FX® in 2009. Using the same technology we use in its sister brand, SMOOTHTOE®, we quickly were used by 14 NFL teams for practice, game day and recovery. Athletes are finding that by wearing VO2FX®, their feet and legs feel fresher and more energized, allowing for top performance. VO2FX® was the first – and is still today — the only athletic graduated compression sock to have custom padding knitted into the sock to protect athletes in high impact areas. Whether you are playing football, basketball, soccer, baseball, or are a runner, you will love how VO2FX® will make your legs and feet feel.
We’ve partnered with some of the largest sporting brands in the world to private-label our product because of our unique sock technology and experience. Rawlings, Worth, Miken, deBeer, Gait, Lost Camo, Simpson Racing, and PXP Racewear.
Major medical facilities like Mayo Clinic trust and dispense our products. The Veteran’s Administration and Gunderson Clinics also recommend and sell our socks in their stores and clinics.  In fact, we have as many clinicians (doctors, nurses, etc.) wearing our socks as we do patients who were medically-issued the socks. The clinicians spend long days on their feet, and the benefits of SMOOTHTOE socks help them endure the hours without achy legs and feet.

Professional athletes, like Brett Favre and Isaac Fruechte, use and recommend VO2fx socks for increased endurance and better performance.

Give them a try and keep your legs and feet feeling better than ever!