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SMOOTHTOE® and VO2FX® graduated compression socks
are a comfortable fit for any lifestyle.

Comfortable Medical Socks

Graduated Compression Socks

SMOOTHTOE® 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg Energizing Socks are registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device.

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They are the most comfortable graduated compression socks on the market. Easy to put on and take off. Machine washable and dryer safe. We offer an unmatched Replacement Warranty.

Years of research and development with leading medical facilities and physicians has resulted in the unique design of our socks. Click here to learn more. Our socks aid in preventing blood clots and provide relief from Plantar Fasciitis, poor circulation, and mild varicose veins.


Comfortable Maternity Socks

No more painful swelling

During your pregnancy, wear 15-20 mmHg SMOOTHTOE® Energizing Socks and avoid varicose veins and debilitating swollen ankles and feet.

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The graduated compression in the socks is designed to promote increased blood flow and remove the excess fluids from your legs and feet that occur during your pregnancy.

Comfort is key. That’s why SMOOTHTOE® Socks are made with COOLMAX®, one of the softest yarns available and soft LYCRA®. Our socks provide an all-over gentle hug, and mid-foot arch support takes care of foot fatigue and uncomfortable swelling.


Comfortable Everyday Socks

Discover comfortable, energized feet everyday

Look no further for a sock to wear on a daily basis that not only gives you relief from daily foot and leg pain, but is also comfortable and easy to wear.

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SMOOTHTOE® 15-20 mmHg graduated compression socks are designed to promote increased blood flow and energize your legs and feet. Made from COOLMAX®, one of the softest yarns available, combined with soft LYCRA®, our socks provide an all-over gentle hug, and the mid-foot arch support takes care of foot fatigue and uncomfortable swelling inside your shoes.


Comfortable Workwear Socks

Relief from the daily grind

Experiencing painful swelling in your legs or feet from sitting or standing all day in the workplace? There’s good news, relief is literally moments away!

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You’ll get relief from painful swelling on the first day you wear your SMOOTHTOE® Energizing Socks to work, available in 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg graduated compression. The graduated compression in the socks increases your circulation, providing the muscles in your legs and feet with fresh oxygenated blood. The result is your legs feel energized and your feet feel great – not like the heavy legs and achy feet you’re probably used to.


VO2FX Category

Enhance performance

Since 2003, SMOOTHTOE® has been a virtual tool as an energizing and recovery sock, worn while personal bests and endurance team records were set by national marathon champions, IronMan World Championship competitors, state champion high school football teams and by leading players/teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL and Nascar.

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In 2009, we created VO2FX® using the same technology we use in its sister brand, SMOOTHTOE®, and were quickly used by 14 NFL teams for practice, game day and recovery. In fact, Brett Favre had his record setting season with the Vikings in 2010 wearing VO2FX® socks.

VO2FX® graduated compression socks reduce lactic acid build-up during exercise, allowing for top performance. Feet and legs feel fresher and more energized. VO2FX® was the first – and is still today — the only athletic graduated compression sock to have custom padding knitted into the sock to protect athletes in high impact areas. Whether you are playing football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, or are a runner, you will love how VO2FX® will make your legs and feet feel.


Comfortable Travel Socks

Comfort on the go

SMOOTHTOE® 15-20 mmHg graduated compression socks add a level of comfort and energy to your legs and feet that make travel a little less of a pain. The graduated compression technology increases circulation in your legs, even as you sit, pushing excess, pooling fluids out of your feet and legs and delivering fresh, oxygenated blood back to your muscles.

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Our compression technology also aids in preventing blood clots (DVTs) and swollen ankles and feet because of the increased circulation the graduated compression socks provide.


Comfortable Dress Socks

Prime comfort, professional style

Do your feet and legs hurt during the course of a work day, especially in those less comfortable dress shoes? Prime dress style graduated compression socks are your answer.

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The SMOOTHTOE® 15-20 mmHg Prime dress sock line adds luxury with the benefits of compression technology to your professional attire. We offer black, beige and white to compliment your style. No more tired, achy feet and legs during or after work — wear Prime graduated compression dress socks to increase circulation in your legs and prevent fatigue.


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