SmoothToe Socks have been a Godsend

I’ve played golf for nearly 50 years, mostly walking instead of taking a cart. When I turned 55, I began to play in some competitive local, regional and national senior events. To get in shape, I began to walk more, both on and off the course. SmoothToe socks have been a Godsend. No other socks […]

I felt such a difference

As a physiotherapist I am always working to assist people improve their health and performance in any way I can and to discover that not only did I feel better when walking for hours, but that my ability to play the game had been enhanced simply by wearing the socks was quite a surprise. I […]

SmoothToe socks made the difference

I saw hundreds of people with their feet taped everyday for blisters during the walk. Of our team of 4 -two of us wore SmoothToe–no blisters during the walk. The other two wore Thorlos socks and had 1 small blister each. I did not use any other product such as Glide or Blisterblock. Just foot […]

Logging 545 miles

I’m writing to you about my experience with SmoothToe socks. I trained using the quarter length socks for 5 mos for the Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 mile walk in the Twin Cites. I started walking 4 days a week in March -some gravel roads, some pavement–ranging form 3 miles a walk up to 21 […]