What I have found to be effective for my patients is the use of SmoothToe compression socks. Seamless, blister and shear free, moisture wicking and cotton free. Ideal for the diabetic patient. They come in various sizes from quarter cut up to knee high. They stay secure and wick moisture away, keeping the feet dry. They have a thicker and thinner variety, but in both cases, they have extra padding on the sole of the foot to provide additional cushioning and comfort. I know I sound like a salesman for these sock, but I absolutely love them, wearing them virtually every day. They are great when I’m in surgery, standing in one place for hours, but they are also great for my day-to-day activities in my office. I personally use the knee highs and recommend them to my patients, demonstrating them on my person on a daily basis. The fact that I wear them is further encouragement to them to give them a try. The compression is 15-20 millimeters.