I can totally endorse these excellent socks.

I would like to acknowledge the part SmoothToe socks have played in my life..
I practiced Orthopedic Surgery here in San Diego for some 30 years. Besides having an active practice I was heavily involved in athletic activities. Some 20 years ago I developed a very rare Myopathy…very similar to Muscular Dystrophy…and my diagnosis and follow up care has been at the Mayo Clinic. I am now required to use AFOs on both my legs. On a recent visit to the Mayo Clinic for a follow up exam I was introduced to SmoothToe socks by my Prosthetist. They have made a real difference in my ability to be in my AFOs for longer periods of time and have helped in preventing wear and tear on my legs that AFOs inevitably cause…and they have held up over time much better and longer than conventional athletic socks. I can totally endorse these excellent socks

William C. McDade