Not Your Average Compression Socks

I have had ankle, knee and hip pain for some time. The pain increased after 12 hour shifts at work. My legs were so achy and fatigued, they just throbbed at night. I thought a new pair of shoes were needed but they only helped a little. Co-workers shared positive feedback from a trial study done at Caledonia Care and Rehab with SmoothToe socks. I bought a pair and I won’t wear anything else. The pain in my hips and knees is gone. The socks also wick away moisture in my feet, and a recurring eczema problem has disappeared, too. I am so pleased with the socks, I’ve bought them for the whole family and as gifts. I’ve been thanked many times over. SmoothToe socks are not your average compression socks. They make a difference for me and my family and have been worth the investment.

Emily Zehnder, LPN