When I started wearing compression socks I did so during the colder months of the years to keep my legs warm. However I quickly found that there was something amazing going on with these socks. With the smooth toe socks I find that I have more energy during long training runs and my recovery time between workouts is much quicker than compared to when I would where plain ankle socks. With the stress of marathon training and the inevitable occurrence of Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS, I have noticed since wearing the smooth toe knee high compression socks my legs feel better and more recovered the following day and from workout to workout. For example I recently ran a half marathon at our Canadian half marathon championships and I wore the knee high smooth toe compression sock. After the race and during the following days I noticed that I was recovering more quickly than I have ever before and just 4 days later I was able to run another hard workout with no discomfort from the half marathon, not to mention that I was out the very next day after the race able to log 20 miles in training that day. For anyone wanting to recover quicker and feel better between and during runs I would recommend these smooth toe compression socks.