SMOOTHTOE® Customer Reviews

Knee High

SmoothToe Socks have been a Godsend

I’ve played golf for nearly 50 years, mostly walking instead of taking a cart. When I turned 55, I began to play in some competitive local, regional and national senior events. To get in shape, I began to walk more, both on and off the course. SmoothToe socks have been a Godsend. No other socks have the comfort, durability and performance like these. I’ve tossed out every other pair of sport socks that I owned. Nothing but SmoothToe for me!

Joe Davis, Nationally Ranked Senior Amateur Golfer

No More Shin Splints!

I have always had bad shin splint pain. It seems like I was constantly in the trainer’s room, icing. It was very painful during basketball and when track started, I knew I needed to change something. I talked to Greg at SmoothToe to see if he could help my legs feel better. I started wearing SmoothToe knee high graduated compression socks and they have helped my shin splint pain. They keep the circulation moving in my legs and have also helped with cramps in my calf. I don’t spend all of my time icing, and I’m able to compete at a higher level.

Hannah Russert
Caledonia, MN

Not Your Average Compression Socks

I have had ankle, knee and hip pain for some time. The pain increased after 12 hour shifts at work. My legs were so achy and fatigued, they just throbbed at night. I thought a new pair of shoes were needed but they only helped a little. Co-workers shared positive feedback from a trial study done at Caledonia Care and Rehab with SmoothToe socks. I bought a pair and I won’t wear anything else. The pain in my hips and knees is gone. The socks also wick away moisture in my feet, and a recurring eczema problem has disappeared, too. I am so pleased with the socks, I’ve bought them for the whole family and as gifts. I’ve been thanked many times over. SmoothToe socks are not your average compression socks. They make a difference for me and my family and have been worth the investment.

Emily Zehnder, LPN
Caledonia Care and Rehab, Caledonia, MN

Noticed Great Improvement in the Symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease

I’ve had Raynaud’s disease since the early 90s. I have throbbing, tingling and pain in my feet and hands. My symptoms are worse on Mondays, when I stand for 12 hours. In addition to the pain, I also had swelling. My co-worker was wearing SmoothToe compression socks and shared about how they made her feel so much better. I decided to buy a pair and try them. I noticed great improvement in the symptoms of Raynaud’s when I wore the knee high graduated compression socks. I now have about a dozen pair of both the thick and thin sole. I even wear them to bed. I’m a believer in them and recommend them to all I know.

Tamiko Hubka
Tamiko's Salon, Caledonia, MN

They Just Make Me Feel Better

Working 8 to 12 hour days and standing in one place all day, my feet, legs and back are sore and fatigued by the end of the day. As I have gotten older, I have also noticed problems with circulation in my legs and feet. I bought my first pair of SmoothToe socks about 5 years ago. These socks lasted so long, I hadn’t needed another pair until a few years later, but then I purchased a couple more pair. I wear the knee high graduated compression socks. They are so comfortable, and my legs, feet and back are less sore at the end of the day. I even wear them for walking workouts. They just make me feel better. I wear them so often, they are always in the front of my drawer. My whole family is wearing them now and if I can find a clean pair, I choose SmoothToe first.

Ann Schmitz
Tamiko's Salon, Caledonia, MN

I Sleep Better and the Leg Pain is Gone

Working in the nursing field for 25 years, I have taken many steps. Daily, I was challenged by tired legs and shin splints. The nights were worse as restless legs and charlie horses kept me up. About a year ago, I started wearing SmoothToe Energizing Socks. I sleep better and my leg pain is gone. I get a full night’s rest. I encourage the staff to try them, and I recommend them for anyone who has discomfort.

Marian Rauk
Caledonia Care and Rehab, Caledonia, MN

My Plantar Fasciitis Was Cleared Up in 3-4 Weeks

I had plantar fasciitis for 9 months. It was so painful, I hated to get up from the chair. In my work, I am on my feet grading lumber on concrete for 10-12 hours a day. I didn’t believe a sock could help me as much as it did. I started wearing SmoothToe socks in August and my plantar fasciitis was cleared up in 3-4 weeks, as well as my shin splint pain. The socks give me more leg and foot energy throughout the day. I would recommend SmoothToe Energizing Socks to anyone experience foot or leg pain.

Ron Klinski
Caledonia, MN

Great When I’m in Surgery, Standing for Hours

What I have found to be effective for my patients is the use of SmoothToe compression socks. Seamless, blister and shear free, moisture wicking and cotton free. Ideal for the diabetic patient. They come in various sizes from quarter cut up to knee high. They stay secure and wick moisture away, keeping the feet dry. They have a thicker and thinner variety, but in both cases, they have extra padding on the sole of the foot to provide additional cushioning and comfort. I know I sound like a salesman for these sock, but I absolutely love them, wearing them virtually every day. They are great when I’m in surgery, standing in one place for hours, but they are also great for my day-to-day activities in my office. I personally use the knee highs and recommend them to my patients, demonstrating them on my person on a daily basis. The fact that I wear them is further encouragement to them to give them a try. The compression is 15-20 millimeters.

Walter G. Warren, DPM, CPed

Definitely a More Comfortable and Superior Sock

I am a podiatrist who happens to also enjoy triathlons. I had been suffering from multiple skin lesions on my feet, including blisters, calluses and loss of toenails. I then tried different brands of socks, including Nike and Wright socks, without any improvement. I decided to convert to SmoothToe socks for my training and racing. I am running over 30 miles per week and bike 130 miles per week and have noticed a great improvement of my skin condition. I am not suffering from any blistering after 6 weeks of trials, and my calluses have improved. It is definitely a more comfortable and superior sock. As a podiatrist and triathlete, I will absolutely recommend SmothToe socks to my patients with skin problems (or the prevention of), as well as to my fellow triathletes.

Maggie Fournier, DPM
LaCrosse, WI

I Love the Socks and Hate Taking Them Off

Dr. W at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, gave me a pair of SmoothToe knee high socks to help with the swelling in my legs. I was not sold on a sock helping with my problem. But I thought what the heck, I will give them a try. I love the socks and hate taking them off at bedtime.

South Carolina

They Actually Stay Up!

I love your socks! They are the first pair of socks I’ve ever purchased that actually stay up! It’s great to wear my Ugg brand boots and wear your socks and have them stay up. They are also great for running — with any boots or shoes — because they stay up on my calf.

Brenda Hartweg
Bloomington, IL

Work Really Well to Keep the Swelling Down in My Legs

These are the second pair I bought. The first pair I got at the doctor’s office. They work really well to keep the swelling down in my legs.

Willard Warnken
Winona, MN

They Still Have Their Elasticity Like the Day I Received Them New

They treat my feet and legs with comfort. Also, they have held up amazingly. I can’t tell you how many times they have been washed and dried and they STILL have their elasticity like the day I received them new.

Stephen Matusiewicz

The Swelling Has Disappeared

We can’t say enough good things about the knee high socks that we purchased from you. Both my husband and I wear them all of the time. My husband is a truck driver and I am a nurse, and both of us had problems with our legs swelling. Once we started wearing your special socks, the swelling has disappeared.

Clyde and Judy

Examine SmoothToe Options First

SMOOTHTOE compression socks are the best for me. I have used Jobst and Sigvaris but SMOOTHTOE far exceed these brands for reasons listed below. I have mild lymphedema likely caused by bad deep veins that probably damaged some of the lymphatic system in my feet and legs before I had the bad veins closed off. I have been a SMOOTHTOE customer for a little under two years and have tried most of their products in my foot size.

Paul Sundell
Winona, MN

Best Equipment Investment for Track and Field Officiating

These (socks) were the best equipment investment that I have made for track and field officiating this year. After some long days while officiating track and field meets, I have never had a season where my legs felt this good after a meet. In fact, for one meet, I was on my feet from 9 am to 7 pm. Yes, I was tired and sore, but when I got home, I did not have swollen and discolored feet and ankles from pooling of fluids from a long day on my feet. The SmoothToe socks are great!

Brian Hoff
MSHSL Track & Field Official, Wykoff, MN

I Clearly See and Feel the Benefits of My Socks

After I bought a pair of Sketcher non-slip shoes with good arch support, I got a better idea (Smoothtoe). The socks are great. I even keep them on at home until I go to bed. I clearly see and feel the benefits of my socks. I will not hesitate to let my family and friends know what a great product you have and the excellent customer service, as well.


Help for Edema Problems

I have been wearing your socks exclusively for nearly 5 years! I have had an edema problem in my lower legs for years (inherited trait – thanks, Mom!) These socks take care of that issue, and in an occupation where I tend to be on my feet all day, these have put a little “spring” back in my step. These socks wear very well. I never had a conventional sock that wuold wear as long as these. I believe several of my brothers wear SmoothToe for the same reason as me. I like your product!

Lorin Pohlman
Wanamingo, MN

These are the best!!

I’ve used many, but these are the best. So, so comfortable. Many thanks!

Ultra comfort.


Scotty Peterson

They are Great!!!

I’ve been using your socks for 7 years. They are great.


Keith Joseph
Glenbeulah, WI

No more pain

I put them on my feet and 😍 Where have they been for the past ten years of my pain 😁 No more pain👍

Elizabeth Johnson
New Haven, CT

Lasting Comfort with Life Saving Effect

The Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic gave my mother two pair of SmoothToe 20-30 mmHg compression socks in 2011 after heart valve replacement surgery. Thanks to their seamless design they were the only pair of high compression socks she could wear comfortably after 15 years of diabetes and heart disease. She wore those socks daily and washed them nightly over 2 and a half years, until three replacement pair were purchase in 2013. SmoothToe has continued to keep my mother on her feet, mobile and pain free for over 5 years and counting now. She would not have been able to attend her granddaughters’ soccer games, gymnastics meets, and music concerts without them. Thank you for helping keep my mother alive and moving.

Wade Fode
Rochester, MN

Superior than all others that I have used

I was given a pair of these socks while at Mayo Clinic’s Vein Center as part of my therapy and as a review of your product for Mayo Clinic to stock in the future. I found your product to be superior than all others that I have used, as I am a younger (30 yr old) patient and I like the look, durability, and feel of your product more than others available. Thank you for developing this product.

Jeff K.

I love your socks!

I love your socks! They are the first pair of socks I’ve ever purchased that actually stay up! It’s great to wear my Ugg brand boots and wear you’re your socks and have them stay up. They are also great for running- with any boot or shoes, because they stay up on my calf. Thanks again for your great service and providing great products. My father in law is a strong customer and has only used your products for decades. After I receive my exchange, I plan to throw all my knee highs away and only use your products as well.


A very happy customer

Brenda Hartweg
Bloomington, IL

Every foot doctor would do well by their patient to offer and recommend them

Your product is far more than a ‘diabetic’ sock. You provide the kind of comfort that I used to look for in plush, expensive designer socks, but until Smooth Toe, had never found. Every foot doctor would do well by their patient to offer and recommend them.

Bill Bauer

These socks are great!

These socks are great!…I have been using these socks on my patients for several months now I and I have yet to see any negative features of this sock in my patient population…I use these socks in patients who need to be concerned with blistering, callous formation, swelling and irritation. My patients need a sock without a toes seam; this is number one in a sock for diabetic patients.

Cindy Felty
RN, MSN, CNP, CWS Director for Vascular Ulcer/Wound Healing Clinic at Mayo Clinic

Nice alternative

I think people who wear knee-high T.E.D or support socks would find this to be a nice alternative because it is comfortable, less hot and provides the same benefits as the T.E.D socks.

Tom Jensen
Sports Medicine columnist for St. Cloud Times

Very pleased with the product

I am a diabetic with Neuropathy and have tried the Smooth Toe socks. I am very pleased with the product and will continue to purchase more in the future.

Gary Fish

Kept my foot blister free to date

My personal experience with this product has been extremely positive. The benefits to the circulatory system of compression hosiery are well documented. The “mild” compression of these socks is evident as soon as you put them on. In my experience, these socks grip the foot without smothering it. This gripping action has a massaging effect on the feet. Also, the gripping action offers outstanding protection to the skin in the area of the foot. Furthermore, the moisture wicking component of Smooth Toe has kept my foot dry. I have had problems with blisters in the past, particularly when running. Smooth Toe has kept my foot blister free to date.

Bob Tretiak
Owner of Foot Solutions

On my feet for 10-12 hours a day

“I work as a pharmacist and stand on my feet for 10-12 hours a day. My legs just ache if I do not wear some sort of compression socks, but then I was given a couple of pairs of Smooth Toe socks to try. The comfort and feel SmoothToe provides is something you cannot compare to other compression socks.”

Dr. Jack Hansen
Pharm. D and Type I Diabetic

My distinct honor to represent such an incredible product

Not only were the dry patches and blisters no more, but also, my toe polish did not rub off. It is my firm belief that a shoe fitting will be a true fit with the help of Smooth Toe Socks. It is my distinct honor to represent such an incredible product that is not only for the athletes out there, but for all of us hard-working individuals that are always on our feet.

Jill Andrew
Cosmetology/Esthetics Instructor

They were amazing

During my In-Line-Skate Marathon…I got one pair of your socks and used them for the race and my feet did great. I had no irritation at all. Your socks stayed in place and seemed to keep from folding over and causing a blister. They were amazing.

Jerry Kosel

I cant believe how good they make my legs and feet feel

I just returned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Dr Wennberg suggested I wear SmoothToe Energizing Socks with 15-20mmHg and gave me a pair. As soon as I got them on I immediately went down to the Mayo Clinic Store and bought a bunch more before returning home. After wearing SmoothToe for a couple weeks I will not wear another brand of SmoothToe socks … in fact… I have now thrown all my other compression socks away. I cant believe how good they make my legs and feet feel. Please keep making these socks and let me know if you come out with brown.

Stanley Bushman
Kansas City, MO

Worth every penny that I have spent on them

Once when I injured my right foot, I’ve had continual problems with leg swelling ever since. Your socks are a significant help in stopping the swelling. Never in my life would I have spent this much for socks until I found out how effective they are. I have to admit, to me, they are worth every penny that I have spent on them. Have a great day.

Joseph Varese

Relieved pain and discomfort from my varicose veins

I used to wear Thorlo socks, but they fell apart after a short time. After wearing Smooth Toe for just a couple days, it has relieved pain and discomfort from my varicose veins and swollen feet/ankles. They are more expensive, but well worth it! I never found a sock that could relieve the pain from varicose veins and swollen feet/ankles…until Smooth Toe.

Ideal for the extended stay outdoorsman.

This type of product is ideal for the extended stay outdoorsman. Someone hiking, biking, etc. for several days on end without the normal creature comforts.

Kevin Mahoney
member of Team Old as Dirt/Dumb as Hell running relay team


Thank you for the SmoothToe socks, they are the best thing that has happened to me since I found out I was diabetic. THEY RELIEVED MY SWELLING IN ONLY 4 DAYS! My feet and legs feel great. These socks are the most comfortable I have ever worn in all my life. God Bless the inventor and many thanks for the trial pair. Just ordered six more pair.

Ed Borsc

Highly recommend this product to my friends

I am a 59 year old woman with high blood pressure, 6’1″ tall, weigh 250 pounds, and wear a size 13 narrow woman’s shoe. I work as a medical laboratory courier and drive over 160 miles a day on my work route. I am in and out of my vehicle, climb stairs and do a lot of bending over to check lab boxes for specimens at clients’ offices. I also haul boxes of supplies from our main lab in Seattle to the lab where I am employed. I had been having problems with swollen ankles and feet, aching legs and clogged sweat pores on the soles of my feet. My feet were also bothered by thick seams over my toes causing circulation problems. The quality of the diabetic crew socks I had been wearing for years went downhill and I would get holes in them near the seam at the toes. The store I was purchasing them from stopped allowing me to return them or even to exchange them. So being fed up with what I felt was poor customer service, I turned to my computer. I did a search on the internet for diabetic socks (even though I am not diabetic) because I thought they would offer me more support and comfort. I WAS SO LUCKY that the socks I discovered online were SMOOTHTOE KNEE HIGH SOCKS. I have been wearing these WONDERFUL socks for nearly a year now and thoroughly love them! These socks do not have any irritating seams. I no longer have water retention in my ankles or feet, the achiness is gone and the fact that these socks are designed to wick moisture to the outside of the sock, has greatly decreased the number of clogged sweat pores I get on my feet. I especially like the fact that the SmoothToe socks are guaranteed to last 5 years. Not very many companies will stand behind their products the way this one does. I have had excellent customer service with the folks from SmoothToe and would highly recommend this product to my friends.

Kathleen Champion
Burlington, WA

I ran literally hundreds of miles over the summer in your socks.

I used your socks as part of my training and racing in the 2008 Great River Ragnar Relay. Our team was made up of six geriatric runners. I ran literally hundreds of miles over the summer in your socks. We each ran three legs varying in distance from as little as three up to nineteen miles. During the relay I wore your socks for my first leg of fifteen miles. I never once had any blisters, rub points or discomfort from the socks. I liked the compression areas on long runs from a support perspective. In hot weather I did find your socks to be quite warm and would have preferred them to be a bit lighter, however if weight is a trade off for support, I’d retain the weight.

Jack J. Richter
Winona, MN

I have no intention of ever buying any others

After about a year of wearing these socks, I have no intention of ever buy any others. I have been a diabetic for 34 year and I have the complications arising from the disease. Smooth Toe socks are the only sock I have worn that I believe are actually improving my feet.

Ray Montague
Winnipeg MB Canada

Something amazing going on with these socks

When I started wearing compression socks I did so during the colder months of the years to keep my legs warm. However I quickly found that there was something amazing going on with these socks. With the smooth toe socks I find that I have more energy during long training runs and my recovery time between workouts is much quicker than compared to when I would where plain ankle socks. With the stress of marathon training and the inevitable occurrence of Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS, I have noticed since wearing the smooth toe knee high compression socks my legs feel better and more recovered the following day and from workout to workout. For example I recently ran a half marathon at our Canadian half marathon championships and I wore the knee high smooth toe compression sock. After the race and during the following days I noticed that I was recovering more quickly than I have ever before and just 4 days later I was able to run another hard workout with no discomfort from the half marathon, not to mention that I was out the very next day after the race able to log 20 miles in training that day. For anyone wanting to recover quicker and feel better between and during runs I would recommend these smooth toe compression socks.

Steve Osaduik

SmoothToe socks helped my daughter get back on her feet

My daughter came home from the hospital last week after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. Her fluid levels were low when she entered the hospital so the hospital made sure that during her stay she had plenty of fluid in her system. When she returned home her feet, ankles, and legs were beyond skin tight with the fluid that had built up. I gave her a pair of my “Smooth Toe Knee High Socks” to wear during the day and that night. The following morning she had lost 10 lbs of fluid, and the second day she was able to see her ankles again, which she had not seen for weeks. Thanks Greg, your Smooth Toe socks helped my daughter get back on her feet so she could care for her newborn baby.

Chandler, AZ

I can totally endorse these excellent socks.

I would like to acknowledge the part SmoothToe socks have played in my life..
I practiced Orthopedic Surgery here in San Diego for some 30 years. Besides having an active practice I was heavily involved in athletic activities. Some 20 years ago I developed a very rare Myopathy…very similar to Muscular Dystrophy…and my diagnosis and follow up care has been at the Mayo Clinic. I am now required to use AFOs on both my legs. On a recent visit to the Mayo Clinic for a follow up exam I was introduced to SmoothToe socks by my Prosthetist. They have made a real difference in my ability to be in my AFOs for longer periods of time and have helped in preventing wear and tear on my legs that AFOs inevitably cause…and they have held up over time much better and longer than conventional athletic socks. I can totally endorse these excellent socks

William C. McDade
MD Orthopedic Surgeon – San Diego, CA

doing a great job

The compression socks are doing a great job for me!

Virgil Johnson

Wonderfully well!

Wonderfully well!

Florence Oder
Chillicothe, MO

My legs are feeling good

My legs are feeling good and in this cold weather they are also staying warm.

Glen Hopp
Winona, MN

A favorite of Brett Favre’s

Your sock has become a favorite of Brett Favre’s.

Dennis Ryan
Equipment Manager of Minnesota Vikings

Second pair that I bought

This is the second pair that I bought. The first pair I got at the Doctor’s office. They work really well to keep the swelling down in my legs.

Willard Warnken

Dramatic Difference

I have seen a dramatic difference in my foot and ankle since wearing the socks. The pitting edema has decreased significantly.

Connie Estes

These are great!

I tested the thick knee high on my 4.5 hour 12.5 mile hike yesterday. They are great. I had been having issues with blisters and corns and had only been one week out of healing them. I didn’t use any bandages or anything and I had no issues. They are great! My legs felt great to afterwards.

Kim Lenti
Chicago, IL

The most comfortable

I have worn each pair for one day…and find them to be the most comfortable of all these type of stockings I have worn in the past 17 years.

Joel Jenkins
Chanhassen, MN


They Actually Stay Up!

I love your socks! They are the first pair of socks I’ve ever purchased that actually stay up! It’s great to wear my Ugg brand boots and wear your socks and have them stay up. They are also great for running — with any boots or shoes — because they stay up on my calf.

Brenda Hartweg
Bloomington, IL

Examine SmoothToe Options First

SMOOTHTOE compression socks are the best for me. I have used Jobst and Sigvaris but SMOOTHTOE far exceed these brands for reasons listed below. I have mild lymphedema likely caused by bad deep veins that probably damaged some of the lymphatic system in my feet and legs before I had the bad veins closed off. I have been a SMOOTHTOE customer for a little under two years and have tried most of their products in my foot size.

Paul Sundell
Winona, MN

No more pain

I put them on my feet and 😍 Where have they been for the past ten years of my pain 😁 No more pain👍

Elizabeth Johnson
New Haven, CT

Most incredible sock in the world

After just one day of wearing the most incredible sock in the world, ‘at least my world’ I was hooked … My feet feel great at the end of the day and I have no more cramping or aching. I have never written a letter to any company or endorsed any product in my professional career. After my experience with SmoothToe Socks I can’t keep quiet, all of my family and friends now wear them. I can’t thank you enough for the relief you have given me and my FEET.

Sheriff Douglas C. Ely
Houston County MN

Have to try these socks!

I am the Equipment Manager for Flatiron~Manson. We are the firm that built the new I35 Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.(the previous one collapsed in 2007). I am on my feet for 12 Hours everyday 6-7 days a week. I started wearing SmoothToe socks 60 Days ago and I have to say I love them. I no longer have to worry about my darn socks bunching up in my boots anymore now that I am wearing SmoothToe socks! Also, my feet sweat a lot and I tell ya, my feet don’t feel wet anymore with these SmoothToe socks. I have been telling all my employees that they have to try these socks!

Matt Harrison
Minneapolis, MN

Love them

Love them, will only buy SmoothToe from now on.

Justin Heim
St. Charles, MN

Love them

I purchased 3 pair of these about 6 months ago. The BEST socks I have ever had on my feet. That’s why I ordered 3 more pair.

John Hovre
Ettrick, WI


I felt such a difference

As a physiotherapist I am always working to assist people improve their health and performance in any way I can and to discover that not only did I feel better when walking for hours, but that my ability to play the game had been enhanced simply by wearing the socks was quite a surprise. I didn’t realize how hot and uncomfortable my feet would get during a game of golf until I used them and I felt such a difference. I found that after playing 18 holes my feet felt great and my legs seemed less fatigued.

Mark Washington

SmoothToe socks made the difference

I saw hundreds of people with their feet taped everyday for blisters during the walk. Of our team of 4 -two of us wore SmoothToe–no blisters during the walk. The other two wore Thorlos socks and had 1 small blister each. I did not use any other product such as Glide or Blisterblock. Just foot lotion and antifungal cream at night. Maybe I was just lucky?? No, I believe SmoothToe socks made the difference for me for no blisters. I can’t thank Greg enough for introducing me to SmoothToe.
Thank-you again !

Rachel Smith
Elgin, MN

Logging 545 miles

I’m writing to you about my experience with SmoothToe socks. I trained using the quarter length socks for 5 mos for the Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 mile walk in the Twin Cites. I started walking 4 days a week in March -some gravel roads, some pavement–ranging form 3 miles a walk up to 21 miles at a time, logging 545 miles by the end of August. I walked in cool, hot, dry, dusty, wet and rainy conditions. I participated in the 60 miles 3 day walk in the Twin Cities Aug 24, 25 & 26th.

** No Blisters **

Low Cut

SmoothToe socks saved my feet!

The SmoothToe socks saved my feet during the 3Day Breast Cancer walk. (Yes, I wore them on every walk that I ever took – training and the 3Day.) That plus I have good running shoes. The combination kept me virtually blister-free. I did end up getting a blister in between two toes but only because I was wearing a Band-Aid to keep my toenail in place. So many people had such BAD blisters all over their feet. Oh my gosh, you should have seen it! You would have been selling up a storm, except it would have been too late, because they already had blisters. There was a “blister tent” believe it or not — it was the most popular place in camp! Wish they would have known about SmoothToe!

Tracy H.
Elgin, MN