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SMOOTHTOE® and VO2FX® sock
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SMOOTHTOE® and VO2FX® socks provide unmatched comfort, performance and vitalization for your legs and feet through advanced technology and design.

Years of research and development with leading medical facilities, athletes and physicians has led SMOOTHTOE® and VO2FX® to a unique design which promotes blood flow back up the leg and returns fresh oxygenated blood to your legs and feet, resulting in increased energy in your legs and feet.

Scroll down and see some of the innovative ways we make the best socks you’ll ever wear.

Lifestyle Medical Technology


Graduated Compression Icon

The enhanced circulation of fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles, joints and tendons enables them to operate more efficiently. Meanwhile, lactic acid and other fluids are transported out of muscle tissue and into the bloodstream, which dramatically reduces muscle soreness and painful swelling.

Compression socks also perform a vital function in the treatment of muscle and ligament strains and sprains, and actually speed up rehab from injury. As the gold standard for post-operative patients leaving hospitals, graduated compression socks are prescribed to reduce painful swelling, and to transport excess fluids into the bloodstream and away from the injured site of your leg.

SMOOTHTOE® 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg style compression socks are registered with the FDA as a Class I Medical Device.

Tech Sock


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Seamless technology means there are no harsh seams. The fitted sock design keeps the sock from falling down or bunching up in your shoe like a tube sock does, and the heel to the toe box padded sole mean there is no shear force or pressure spots to cause blisters.

We guarantee it –
no blisters for as long as you wear your socks.

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Sock Construction Technology


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Soft, comfort LYCRA® Energy spandex throughout the sock provides the perfect fit every time, and the mid-foot arch support takes care of foot fatigue and uncomfortable swelling inside your shoes.



Keeping your skin dry significantly reduces bacteria growth, and COOLMAX® is the best moisture wicking fabric available – keeping your skin dry under everyday to extreme athletic conditions.


Sock Fit Technology
Fabric features