Highly recommend this product to my friends

I am a 59 year old woman with high blood pressure, 6’1″ tall, weigh 250 pounds, and wear a size 13 narrow woman’s shoe. I work as a medical laboratory courier and drive over 160 miles a day on my work route. I am in and out of my vehicle, climb stairs and do a lot of bending over to check lab boxes for specimens at clients’ offices. I also haul boxes of supplies from our main lab in Seattle to the lab where I am employed. I had been having problems with swollen ankles and feet, aching legs and clogged sweat pores on the soles of my feet. My feet were also bothered by thick seams over my toes causing circulation problems. The quality of the diabetic crew socks I had been wearing for years went downhill and I would get holes in them near the seam at the toes. The store I was purchasing them from stopped allowing me to return them or even to exchange them. So being fed up with what I felt was poor customer service, I turned to my computer. I did a search on the internet for diabetic socks (even though I am not diabetic) because I thought they would offer me more support and comfort. I WAS SO LUCKY that the socks I discovered online were SMOOTHTOE KNEE HIGH SOCKS. I have been wearing these WONDERFUL socks for nearly a year now and thoroughly love them! These socks do not have any irritating seams. I no longer have water retention in my ankles or feet, the achiness is gone and the fact that these socks are designed to wick moisture to the outside of the sock, has greatly decreased the number of clogged sweat pores I get on my feet. I especially like the fact that the SmoothToe socks are guaranteed to last 5 years. Not very many companies will stand behind their products the way this one does. I have had excellent customer service with the folks from SmoothToe and would highly recommend this product to my friends.

Kathleen Champion