Definitely a More Comfortable and Superior Sock

I am a podiatrist who happens to also enjoy triathlons. I had been suffering from multiple skin lesions on my feet, including blisters, calluses and loss of toenails. I then tried different brands of socks, including Nike and Wright socks, without any improvement. I decided to convert to SmoothToe socks for my training and racing. I am running over 30 miles per week and bike 130 miles per week and have noticed a great improvement of my skin condition. I am not suffering from any blistering after 6 weeks of trials, and my calluses have improved. It is definitely a more comfortable and superior sock. As a podiatrist and triathlete, I will absolutely recommend SmothToe socks to my patients with skin problems (or the prevention of), as well as to my fellow triathletes.

Maggie Fournier, DPM